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is a platform for readers and authors. It offers a means to reach an audience all over the world. Why federbar? feder means both, feather and pen -- a pun in German. It signifies: "It can be done.“ There are, of course, more annotations, such as writing, reading, dipping the feather, and more elusively, taking off, flying, and: landing softly. . .
Theatrical monologue in which a Roman seeks to help Americans adjust to the end of empire: "Bene, bene, you must excuse me. I am so in love with your way of life, here I am, getting straight to the point the way you do. Shall we start again? This time, with Italian courtesy. So: I am Lorenzo. Lorenzo Montanini. And you are?"


Diane Lefer joins federbar
I am pleased to present Diane Lefer today. I got to know her many years back in Los Angeles, when we stood in line to get tickets for a show at the UCLA theater festival. Soon we found ourselves discussing books, plays, films and what it felt like to be in L.A.
For 23 years, Diane taught in the MFA Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Diane is not only a gifted writer, she has also always dedicated her time and life to people living in poverty. She argues that education is not a privilege but a commodity that everyone must have access to. Education allows the less fortunate to step up and take their life into their own hands.
Maya Hostettler