About federbar

I always thought that it would be grand to carry my library between my thumb and my forefinger. Finally there is a means to do so: the E-book. Even better: the iBook.
I know that there are many more writers, artists, filmmakers and literary critics that dream of carrying their work in just this way, and so I hope that federbar will be able to fulfill that dream.
To start with, I want to invite a selected number of authors, critics and artists to offer their texts to be published as eBooks/iBooks with federbar. federbar is a platform for writers and artists who want to share their work with the rest of the world. federbar offers texts in the widest sense of the word: novels, poems, essays, comics, drawings, pictures, etc.
federbar, however, cannot exist without an audience that is curious about these texts. I invite you, dear reader, to download any text onto your iPad or Kindle. Also, of course, the well-known pdf-format is offered, but not really recommended, as reading on the tablet is more fun.
The service is free. The copyright remains with the authors or their publishers. The usual laws apply.

Maya Hostettler