Maya Hostettler

How I got to know J. Hillis Miller. (Memory)
Moira. Novel. Translation. Bartschi Publishing. 1991. Chapter 1 & 4. Translated by Georgia Albert
Der Herr Professor. 2011. (Short text in German)
Baboo – das bin ich! 2011. (Short Text in German)
“Writing the Past. Doing the Truth. Toni Morrison‘s Beloved.” Women‘s History Review 5 (1996): 401-15.

How I got to know J. Hillis Miller

When I met Hillis in 1978, I had just returned from Aberdeen, Scotland, and I had decided . . .


Moira. Novel. (English translation chaps. I&IV)

Maya Hostettler’s first novel shows the novelist Hannelore, who lives on in the arts after she dies of cancer. The novel is set in Zurich and Tuscany. ... download

Der Herr Professor

When driving my friend J. Hillis Miller to the English Seminar, I was chided and threatened because of a lost parking permit . ... download

Baboo – das bin ich!

If dogs could speak! Baboo, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, writes about backcountry skiing and playing tennis with Roger Federer. He also mourns about Jabba, the TV-Dog from SF bi de Lüt. ... download

Telling the Past – Doing the Truth: Toni Morrison’s Beloved

This essay challenges the concept of historical truth by arguing that history is only true within its own parameters. ... download